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About Us

Hmmm.  I am supposed to make "us" sound interesting here.  That may be a bit difficult.  Little Toy Trains is operated as a hobby website with input from other hobbyists.  Most of the folks that contribute on a regular basis I have never met in person, but they all have an affinity for model railroading in common.

 As for the website, during December of 2003, while studying for an advanced IT programming certification (the MCSD for you technical types.)  I happened to discover that the domain name, was available.  Since I was looking for a place to dabble in web related technologies, the idea of obtaining the name had some appeal.  But, when I realized that by obtaining the domain name I could have so many cool e-mail addresses, well .....  that became too much to resist and in March of 2004 this website was born.

Toy Trunk Railroad by Erik Sansom
Toy Trunk Railroad Cartoon
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Over the years, many friends of the effort have come forward to help out.  Many contributing show information on a regular basis, or subject matter and content. 

Model railroads that you will find around the Little Toy Trains compound include a Lego layout, which is great for involving the kids, HO Gauge, with a strong leaning towards steam engines, and a N Scale train set that I acquired for the purpose of setting it up in the hotel rooms when I travel on business.