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A Lego Train Layout


Scenes from an Indoor Lego Train Layout
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Indoor Page 2     Outdoor Lego Layout


Where can you see a Santa Fe SD40 pass by a Star Wars Land Cruiser and Harry Potter's Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and have it all make perfect sense?  In a model railroad created with a Lego Train set of course.  Add Spiderman, the Green Goblin and Pepper, the skateboarding pizza delivery king and you'll have a good idea of the variety of scenery that Joe Ellenbecker puts into his Lego Train creations.  A favorite among kids of all ages, Joe displays a ever-changing, whimsical layout each month (except July) at the Great Midwest Train & Hobby Show in Wheaton, Illinois. 

Joe's sells Lego merchandise here.


Lego Big Boy Locomotive

This scratch built Big Boy has a specially designed wheel set, but everything else is Lego


Lego Train Station

Lego Diner Along the Tracks

Lego Passengers Waiting at the Station

And Eating at the Diner


Lego Train Scene

Lego Train Loader Scene

Lego Train Loader Scene

And Loading the Train!





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