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Originally named Maggie's Cove, this 4 x 8 layout was featured in the February 2001 issue of Model Railroader Magazine in an article entitled "A Great 4 x 8".    The layout was built by Dave Methlie to showcase the talents of his company and has since been acquired by the folks at Bachmann for use at model railroad and trade shows   We had the privilege to see it first hand at the iHobby Expo held during the fall in Chicago, and it does not disappoint.


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Maggie's Cove Beach Scene


Maggie's Cove Downtown Scene

The detail within each scene  is amazing   Everything from the mischievous little brother to the obvious vehicle mishap.


And of course, one has to wonder exactly what kind of view the rock climbers are actually going to have.


Maggie's Cove Logging Scene


Maggie's Cove Tunnel Scene

This logging scene is just one of five different focal points that exist on this 4x8 layout.


Oh yeah, there are trains involved as well.

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